Seashell Bedding

Seashell Bedding Seashell bedding can include bedding sets, pillows, blankets and sheets. You’ll love the coastal feel this seashell bedding brings to every bedroom in your home. Add other accents such as candles, figurines, wall decor, lamps and more, for a cohesive coastal feel you’ll love!

Seashell Bedding Sets

These seashell bedding sets are sure to make you smile. They will enhance your bedroom with pretty designs and tropical colors. You can add matching accessories to your bedding set, too, such as throw pillows, figurines, wall decor, and other small touches to bring your design theme together nicely.

 Discoveries Casual Sea Breeze Comforter Set, Twin, Blue Newrara Seashell Beach Bedding Queen Beach Theme Quilt Set Beach Bedspread/Patchwork quilt Seashells, Beach Themed, Nautical Twin Comforter Set (6 Piece Bed In A dream FACTORY Casual Beach Stripe Comforter Set, Twin, Blue mixinni Super Soft Coral Ocean Bedding Set Seashells Beach Theme Patchwork Quilt Discoveries Deep Sea Ocean Seashell Bedding Comforter Set, Twin, Taupe mixinni Beach Theme 3-Piece Cotton King Quilt Set With Blue Seashell Pattern 3-Piece Tropical Coast Seashell Beach KING Oversize OVERSIZE Bedspread WHITE / IVORY Harbor House Seaside 4 Piece Coverlet Set, King/California King, Dusty Blue HALZANDER Bedspread Quilt Sets, 100% Cotton 3-Piece Coverlet Set, Reversible Patchwork Bedding Quaint Home Kai Reversible 5-Piece Quilt Set, Queen Brandream Ocean Bedding Set Seashells, Beach Themed, Nautical Bedding Queen Comforter Set Pretty Beach and Seashell in Blue Sky 4 Peice Duvet Cover Set Seashells, Beach Themed, Nautical Queen Comforter Set & Toss Pillows (7 Piece mixinni Seashell Quilt Set, 100% Soft Cotton Bedding, Starfish Coral Pattern Printed Hampton Shore Reversible Quilt Set, Coastal Coral and Seashell Pattern, 3-Piece Set Madison Park – Bayside Coverlet Set – Blue – King – Coastal Queen Quilt Set 3 Piece Seashell Coral Light Blue and Gray Gravan 3 Piece Bedding Quilt Set-Cotton Reversible Patchwork Coverlet,Ocean World Printed, Queen 3pc King Size Coastal Teal Blue Seashell Starfish Coral Reef Quilt Set Vintage Blue Patchwork Quilt Set King 100% Cotton Ocean Themed Quilt Coverlet


Seashell Throw Pillows

It’s easy to decorate using throw pillows. Toss some on a window seat, a bench, a chair, or anywhere you want to add interest and design. These seashell throw pillows make nice accents to your nautical or coastal bedroom, too. Place a variety on your bed for added decor touches in your bedroom.

 Seashell Pillow – Shaped Throw Pillow, Shell Decorative Accent Pillow mixinni Decorative Pillowcase Covers With Zipper Standard 4 Pack Ocean Theme Seashell All Smiles Ocean Theme Sea Shell Throw Pillow Case Decorative Cushion Cover Set of 3 CaliTime Canvas Throw Pillow Covers Cases for Couch Sofa Brandream Nautical Bedding 100% Cotton 26 X 26 Euro Pillow Cover 26 123 Creations 100-Percent Linen Coastal Seashells Pillow, 18 Qinqingo Sea Shell Beach Scenery Linen Throw Pillow Case Sofa Home Decorative SARO LIFESTYLE 5434.NB20S Nautical Spiral Shell Print Down Filled Throw Pillow, Navy Wooden with Seashell Starfish Nautical Decor Pillowcase,26x26inch two sides Musesh aqua gold assorted seashells beach accent Cushions Case Throw Pillow Cover 2 Piece 20 X 20 Blue Grey Beach Theme Throw Pillow, Nautical Emvency Throw Pillow Cover Nautical Seashells On the Seashore Decorative Pillow Case Zazzle White Seashells and Sand Dollar Throw Pillow 16 Cooper girl Doodle Colorful Seashells Throw Pillow Cover Pillowcase Cotton Cushion Cover Ecru Pillow Covers, Shell Ocean and Beach Theme Pillows Cover, 20


Other Seashell Bedding

Choose from seashell sheet sets and throw blankets below. This pretty seashell bedding makes a nice addition to your coastal bedroom. You’ll have a nautical theme you love in no time flat, when you dress up your bed and bedroom with seashells and other nautical design touches.

 Manual Woodworker ASSSH Seashells By the Seashore Two Layer 46×60-Inch Woven Throw CafePress – Nautical Seashells Beach Decor – Soft Fleece Throw Blanket, 50 Seashells Natural/Cola Rayon Throw Beautiful Design Beautiful beach seascape Seashells At The Sandy Beach,Colorful Seashells Fleece Funny Beautiful beach seascape Starfish And Seashells At The Sandy Beach,Colorful Seashells Ocean Inspired Coastal Seashell Sheet Set, includes Flat and Fitted Sheets and Coastal Collection 4 Piece Cotton Full Sheet Set Ocean Beach Summer Cottage Mayfield 200 Thread Count Cotton Blend Sheet Set Full 54 Coastal Embroidered 6-pc. Sand Dollar Sheet Set King Blue/ivory


Stingray Decor

stingray decorStingrays are cool looking creatures that are actually quite friendly, too. You may have seen photos of people petting stingrays in the ocean. This stingray decor will remind you daily of these mysterious and glorious creatures. You will find stingray figurines, wall decor, and other stingray decor featured here. Place a stingray touch in every room of your home for a nautical theme you will enjoy every day.

Show off your love for these marvelous sea creatures with this fun stingray decor for your home or office.

Stingrays have wide, flat bodies, and are considered fish. They are related to sharks, and like their shark cousins, they do not have bones. Instead, their bodies are supported by cartilage—the same material that you feel inside the tip of your nose. Broad fins run the entire length of their body, which gives them their flat, roundish shape. To swim, some stingrays move their whole bodies in a wavy motion that propels them through the water. Other species flap their fins like bird wings and “fly” through the water.

 Handmade Stingray Art Art Glass Blown Sea Animal Figurine Nauti Stingray Decorative Figurine in Bright Blue Perfect Tabletop or Wall Hanging Coastal Blue Green Glitter Glass Stingray Tabletop 6 Inch Figurine StealStreet SS-BA-C-DBL2084 10.5 aMonogram Art Unlimited Stingray Wooden Shape with Baltic Birch Plywood Wall Décor, Sea Life Collection Blue Stingray in Coral Figurine


​Stingrays have tails that are armed for defense. Some have a spine in their tail that has a sharp point and serrated edges. Many species, including the exotic-looking blue-spotted stingray, have venom that is delivered through their tails. That venom, and the spine itself, can be dangerous to humans. Stingrays prefer shallow, near-shore waters in warm parts of the world. Here, they spend most of their time lying partially buried on the ocean floor hiding from predators, like sharks, or waiting for prey to swim by. Their colors usually match the mud or sand they hide in. While a stingray’s mouth is on the underside of its body, along with its nostrils and gill slits, its eyes are on the top. Scientists don’t think they use their eyes for hunting very much though. Instead, they use special sensors called ampullae of Lorenzini, which can detect the tiny electrical charges emitted by their prey.​ (Info from National Geographic).

Other Stingray Decor for Your Home Or Office

Your nautical theme may include sea life such as stingrays and other creatures. This stingray decor will certainly add appeal to any room in your home, or use it on your desk or walls at work, too, to show your love of these sea creatures.

 Ambesonne Shark Duvet Cover Set Queen Size, Sea Creatures in Vintage Style Lunarable Underwater Queen Size Duvet Cover Set by, Sting Ray in Watercolor Safavieh Pillow Collection Stingray 18-Inch Cream and Brown Embroidered Decorative Pillows, Set 3D Render Stingray Animal Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Graphic Manta Ray Stencil – 11 x 7.5 inch (L) – Reusable Maori Bejeweled Stingray Trinket Box BorisMotley Wall Decal Stingray Tribal Vinyl Removable Mural Art Decoration Stickers for Caroline’s Treasures Stingray Indoor or Outdoor Mat, 18 Nautical Coin Box Bank by Ambesonne, Let the Sea Set You Free


​Prey for stingrays includes clams, oysters, shrimps, crabs, and mussels. Stingrays will crush their food using strong jaws. Female stingrays typically give births one time per year.They can have two to six young at a time. Baby stingrays are born quite large, so they look like small adults when they are born, and they are able to fend for themselves.

Ship Bedding

Ship BeddingThis amazing ship bedding will give your bedroom a grand look and feel. The nautical theme is popular for any gender, and will add a beautiful touch to your coastal bedroom design.

Pair your ship bedding with matching throw pillows, and ship decor such as bells, ship wheels, anchors, ship figurines, and more.

You’ll dream of sailing the high seas when you sleep on this lovely ship bedding.

 Ambesonne Landscape Duvet Cover Set, Stormy Rainy Weather Little Tikes 4 Piece Pirates Toddler Bedding Set, iNuvole Maritime Collection Marine Life Blue 18 x Bekata Maritime Blue Nautical Bedding, %100 Cotton Single/Twin Ambesonne Country Duvet Cover Set Twin Size, Retro Corsair 3D Navigation Bedding Sets for Kids,3 Piece Kraken Decor Throw Pillow Cushion Cover by Ambesonne, Society6 Octopus Kraken Attacking Ship Antique Almanac Paper Onker Cotton Linen Square Decorative Throw Pillow Case Emvency Throw Pillow Covers Hand Drawn Sea Map Breezat Throw Pillow Cover Black Ship Sailboat Against Custom Pirate Ship and Moon Square Pillowcase Pillow Emvency Throw Pillow Cover Antique Europe Map Ship InterestPrint Octopus Sea Monster Pillowcase Protector 18×18 Twin Lunarable Viking Throw Pillow Cushion Cover, Drakkar Long


Lobster Bedroom Decor

Lobster Bedroom DecorLobster bedroom decor is a fun way to add whimsical delight to every bedroom in your home. From lobster bedding sets and pillows, to wall decor and more.

Lobsters are a unique theme with which to decorate, and you’ll stand out from the crowd in design excellence and whimsical flare, when you decorate your bedroom with this lobster bedroom decor!

Find delightful decorations here to make your coastal bedrooms a dream come true for the entire family!

 Ambesonne Whale Duvet Cover Set Twin Size, Variety LINKWELL 18 DECOPOW Embroidered Nautical Decor Pillow Covers,Square 18 inch Lunarable Underwater Duvet Cover Set Queen Size, Sea Frontporch Lobster On Stripes Pillow Blue/Navy Ambesonne Marine King Size Duvet Cover Set by, Lunarable Sea Animals Duvet Cover Set King Size, Blue Lobster Duvet Bed Set 3 Piece Set Liora Manne Whimsy Ocean Dweller Indoor/Outdoor Pillow, 18 Peking Handicraft Lobster Hook Pillow, 8X12 Primitives by Kathy Vintage Feed Sack Style Lobster The Pillow Collection KING-PP-LOBSTER-TIMBERWOLFRED-C Red Haya Animal Print Phantoscope Decoractive New Ocean Series Jacquard White Lobster Riva Home Sealife Cushion Cover (12 x 20 CafePress – Vintage Lobster Woodgrain Beach Art – LINKWELL 18 SARO LIFESTYLE Neptunian Collection Cotton Down Filled Throw Ocean Park Theme Throw Pillow Case, Huacel Sea DECOPOW Embroidered Nautical Decor Pillow Covers,Square 18 inch Tropical Lobster Metal Sculptures Plastic Lobster 4 Under the Sea Creatures Crab Seahorse Turtle Replica 16 Inch Maine Ocean Coastal Sea Lobster Handpainted Red Lobster Wall Mount Decor Plaque 16 December Diamonds Blue Lobster Figurine Sea Life Decoration Rustic Red Cast Iron Lobster Trivett 11 Inch Red Lobster Jingle Bells Coastal Christmas Ornament


Anchor Home Decor

anchor home decor You’re going to appreciate the beauty of this anchor home decor. Anchors are a great subject in any coastal or nautical theme you have in your home. They are masculine, yet will also work well in a room with feminine touches.

You will find anchor home decor here for just about every room in your home. Add a shower curtain in your bedroom, a wooden anchor plaque in your living room, an anchor figurine in your office or den, and so on.

Anchor home decor is a nice way to add a nautical touch to any design. Coastal living decor brings a touch of the sea into your home, and when we think of the sea, we often think of ships, and ship parts, such as anchors, are something that might come to mind.

 Benzara 91620 Wood Anchor with Rope Nautical Decor Blue anchor LED Battery Light,Ymhxcy [Chistmas][Birthday party] Kids Room, Living Room, Wedding Kate Aspen Anchors Away Rope Tealight Holder, Set of 4 MayRich 9 You be the anchor wall decor wood sign Plaid Unpainted Wood Craft Surfaces Shape, 40668 Anchor WCHUANG Anchor Bathroom Rug Decorative Bath Rugs – Non Slip non slip Coat Key Holder 4 Hook Rack, Rustic Cast Iron Anchor, Nautical Wall Adeco Wooden Boat Anchor with Crossbar, Steering Wheel, Wall Décor Home Décor Pit Bull Nautical Anchor Rope Towel Rack Blue Anchor Vintage Upcycled Dictionary Art Print 8×10 Amadora Anchor/Nautical Full Queen Duvet Cover Set Wall Decal Decor Nautical Anchor Wall Decal Quote – You Be The Imagitarium Resin Beach Pier with Anchor Aquatic Decor, Medium, Multi-Color 2-Pc Nautical Iron Bookend Set Antiqued Bronze Anchor Bookends Home Decor Sea Creature Giant Kraken Octopus With Ship Anchor Door Knocker Department 56 Coastal Mini Anchor Garden Accessory, 3 9 Ambesonne Anchor Duvet Cover Set Queen Size by, Watercolor Spring Blossoms and 4 Pieces Home Comforter Bedding Set, Nautical Anchor Rustic Wood Digital Printing Ambesonne Teal Duvet Cover Set Queen Size, Ship Anchor Chain Marine Life Selcet Blue Boat Anchor Pattern Cotton Linen Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion oFloral Home Decorative Nautical Anchor Rustic Wood Cotton Throw Pillow Case Cushion CaliTime Canvas Throw Pillow Cover Shell for Couch Sofa Home Decor, Ancient Red Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Cover Marine Life Series Blace Anchors Oil Grazing 12