Cool Pelican Decor

Cool Pelican Decor
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cool pelican decor This cool pelican decor will add touches to your coastal decor like none other! From wall decor, to figurines and more, you’ll find very cool pelican decor featured here.

Pelicans are a genus of large water birds that makes up the family Pelecanidae. They are characterized by a long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey and draining water from the scooped up contents before swallowing. They are cool birds to watch, and you’ll enjoy displaying them in your coastal design.

Grace your home with pelican wall decor, shower curtains, table lamps, and other unique items. Guests will be amazed at the beauty of these birds, and you’ll get to enjoy them every day!

There are more than half a dozen species of pelicans, but all of them have the famous throat pouch for which the birds are best known. These large birds use their elastic pouches to catch fish—though different species use it in different ways. (from National Geographic)

Cool Pelican Decor for Your Walls

This cool pelican wall decor will dress up any wall in your home or office. Clocks, posters, framed art, metal wall art, and other pelican wall decor brings a touch of nature into any room. These coastal birds are truly a delight!

 Regal Art &Gift Rustic Pelican Decor Nautical Coastal Flying Pelican Wooden Wall Decor Bird Print Set of 4 Art Beautiful James Audubon Hooping Crane Pink Hand Painted Flying Pelican Wall Mount Decor Plaque Replica 12 2 HAND CARVED SET OF WHITE WOOD PELICANS WALL ART HANG ON Westlake – Poster Print Wall – Bird Pelican – Modern Picture Photography Westlake – Poster Print Wall – Naples Pelican – Modern Picture Photography Bird Print Set of 6 Art Beautiful James Audubon Birds Avocet Great Westlake – Poster Print Wall – Pelican Bird – Modern Picture Photography Westlake – Poster Print Wall – Pelican Bird – Modern Picture Photography Pelican Bellycan, Pelican Clock, From Original Artwork, Gift Boxed, Desk Clock, 2 Pelican Layered Wood Beach Decor Wall Art, Pelican Picture, Beach Picture, Pelican


Pelican Figurines & Statues

Set these gorgeous pelicans on cabinets, shelves and other furniture to bring a coastal feel to any space.

 SC Hand Painted Twin Pelican Bird Lovers Figurine 5.25 Pelican Figurine of Hand Blown Glass on Amethyst Crystals Wooden Pelican toy Bird figurine Wood Bird Toy Pelican, Stork Enameled & Crystal Pelican Bird Ring Treasured Jewelry Box Metal Tabletop Wedding Glass pelican figure pelican bird sculpture pelicans statue murano bird figurines collectible Beautiful Pelican Pelican figurine!! (preowned) Glass pelican figure pelican bird sculpture pelicans statue murano bird figurines collectible BROWN PELICAN DUO Sculpture by JOHN PERRY Figurine Hand painted 8in Long


Cool Pelican DecorThe Brown Pelican is a comically elegant bird with an oversized bill, sinuous neck, and big, dark body. Squadrons glide above the surf along southern and western coasts, rising and falling in a graceful echo of the waves.

These birds are a delight to watch!

Other Cool Pelican Decor

Here is some more cool pelican decor you’ll enjoy displaying in your home. Spread the love throughout your home, and enjoy these coastal birds everywhere you turn.

 Bejeweled Display® Pelican w/ Stain Glass Candle Holder & Home Decor (L) CoolDream Home Decor Sofa Cotton Linen Pelicans Throw Pillow Cover Puzzled Nautical Decor Pelican Couple Coastal Collection Animal Life Resting Pelican with Crushed Glass Accent Figurine Deco 79 38707 Wood Pelican Resin Carved Wood Look Sitting Brown Pelican Hand Carved Wooden Pelican with Fish End Table Plant Stand Wood Sculpture 7” Glass Pelican Figurine Design Toscano Dock of The Bay Pelican Statue Coastal Decor Water Fountain with LED Light – Pelican’s Seashore Roost Garden 20 Pelican Decorator Pillow, Indoor Outdoor Use


cool pelican decor Pelicans might not be the most graceful birds, but they are certainly fun to watch, and this cool pelican decor will add delightful whimsy to your coastal design.

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