Nautical Furniture

Add a Coastal Touch to Your Home with This Nautical Furniture

Nautical Furniture Add rustic and elegant touches to your home with this lovely nautical furniture! From chests and chairs, to tables and more…you’ll find it here from and

Coastal living decor adds a touch of the sea to your home, cabin, cottage or office. You’ll enjoy the nautical designs and style of this nautical furniture, and it will look so nice in your space!

Nautical Furniture from ShopStyle

ShopStyle has quality nautical furniture that is lovely and very cool! You’ll love these designs and the beauty they add to your coastal design.

Nautical Furniture on Amazon

Amazon also has a nice selection of nautical furniture that you will be proud to use in your home or business. Select styles and designs you love, and add a nautical touch to any room in your home!

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We love how nautical furniture defines a room. It adds warmth and beauty throughout. Pair it with coastal area rugs, wall decor, table lamps, and more, for a look you’ll love and enjoy.

Nautical design might include boats, lighthouses, striped patterns, ship parts, sea life, etc. Your concept of nautical design might be totally different from someone else’s and that’s OK. Go with what you love, and create a space you’ll be proud to show off to others!

Nautical Lighting

Brighten Up Your Home or Office with This Lovely Nautical Lighting!

Nautical Lighting If you are a nautical fan, then you probably already have a few nautical touches throughout your home. This nautical lighting will brighten up any room in more ways than one. It will add light and beautiful decor to your design.

From table lamps and ceiling lights, to floor lamps and more…nautical lighting is the only way to light your coastal home or cabin.

Nautical Lighting from Shop Style

Enjoy these lovely nautical lighting options from They offer a beautiful selection of lamps and other lighting options for your home and office. There is a pale arrow to the right of the second lamp. Click on that to see many more nautical lighting options.

Nautical Lighting on Amazon

Amazon offers a nice selection of nautical lighting, too. Choose your design and bring coastal living decor into your home. Lamps can be used in any room of the home for lighting and decor.

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Brighten up your home with nautical table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, candles and more! You don’t have to live on the coast to enjoy nautical style decor throughout your home. You simply have to enjoy this design style!

Nautical lamps and other lighting options also make lovely housewarming gifts, as well as gifts for any holiday or special occasion!

Coral Sculptures

Coral Sculptures Coral sculptures add color, texture and beauty to any room in your home. Place one on a dresser, one on a bookcase, some on your living room tables, in your bathroom, and more.

Coral is sophisticated and whimsical. You’ll enjoy these coral sculptures throughout your home, and even on your desk at work.

Give a pretty coral sculpture to family and friends for any holiday or occasion, too!

Dress up your foyer table with a pretty coral sculpture, and make a statement when people first enter your home.

 White Coral Flower Statue on Transparent Glass Base Home Décor Stylish Decorative Golden Large Sea fan Coral Sculptures on Marble Base, Decorative Accent For Abbott Collection Finger Coral, White (Small) Deco 79 57357 Aluminum and Marble Coral Sculpture, Silver/White White Branch Coral Sculpture on Crystal Stand, Resin Natural Sea Figurine Best Deco 79 77168 White Coral Sculpture with Acrylic Base, White/Clear Blue Branch Coral Sculptures with Crystal Base For Table Decor, Office Decorative BRLIGHTING Coral Decoration, Simple Fire Coral Sculpture with Crystal Bases Tabletop Modern Deco 79 22191 Aluminium Coral Decor, 12 WELLAND Red Tabletop Faux Coral Decoration, 14 inch Modern Gold Coral Metal Sculpture | Statue Sea Shell Coastal Beach Large Decorative Coral Polyresin Figurine – Nautical Beach Style Decor, Coastal Decor, Deco 79 57355 Aluminum and Marble Coral Sculpture, Gold/White Abbott Collection Coral Branch Sculpture, White (Large) Large Decorative Blue Coral Polyresin Figurine – Nautical Beach Decor, Coastal Decor,


Seaside Decor

Seaside DecorYour seaside interior will look magnificent when you add touches of this seaside decor throughout!

What are some seaside decor ideas you can use in your home or office? Consider seashells, whether loose in a bowl, or on other decor such as wall art, lamps, etc. Sand is also a great option. Use it in the base of a clear lamp along with seashells, or in a bowl with river rocks or shells on top. Anything with a beach or coastal feel is appropriate in your seaside decor.

When we think of seaside decor, we think of coastal figurines such as sea gulls, dolphins, palm trees, and so on. If it has a nautical theme, you might consider it seaside decor.

coastal living decor

Seaside Decor for Your Walls

Dress up any wall with this gorgeous seaside decor. From framed art, to plaques, to canvas prints. All of it is lovely and makes a great addition to your nautical theme.

 Flickering Light Seaside Collection Wall Canvas Plaque Youk-art Decor 3 Panels Blue Ocean Seaside Beach Photograph Printed on Canvas Regal Art and Gift Sea Turtle Wall Decor, Set of 3 The Beach Is My Happy Place – Plank Board Sign with Starfish Pyradecor Seashell 5 panels Seascape Giclee Canvas Prints Landscape Pictures Paintings on Grazing 12 Gango Home Décor 4 Lovely Teal and Coral Ocean Seashell Sand Dollar Beach Theme Picture Decor for Bathroom, SZ 5 Piece Ocean Painting Canvas Regal Art &Gift Sea Turtle Wall Decor, 20 Seahorses Swimming in Coral Wood Wall Plaques 3 Piece Set Deco 79 Metal Fish Wall Decor, 53 by 20-Inch Rienar Nautical Beach Wooden Boat Ship Steering Wheel Fishing Net Shell Home Genius Decor 4 Pieces Coastal Decor Sea Fan Canvas Wall Art Set Flying Seagulls Wall Decor Set of 3 Distressed Beach Boardwalk I Nautical Inspirational 3Hdeko Blue Seascape Ocean Canvas Prints With Embellishment Landscape Pictures Paintings Canvas Comfy Hour 13 Stratton Home Decor — Dropship, us home, SUHQX S03897 Antique Silver Grand


coastal living decor

Seaside Decor for Your Tables

This tabletop seaside decor will add a nautical touch to your tables, bookshelves, dressers, countertops, and more. Enjoy these throughout your home for a coastal theme anywhere you like.

 Small Blue and White Sail Boat with Rope Accent Comfy Hour 8 Atlantic Collectibles Coastal Ocean Giant Sea Turtle Decorative Resin Figurine With Crushed Coastal Collection Animal Life Resting Pelican with Crushed Glass Accent Figurine Ocean Goddess Pretty Mermaid With Blue Tail Holding Conch Figurine Coastal Marine DecoFlair DFA5335 Metal Table Décor Figurine, Crab Coastal Collection Animal Life Angel Fish with Crushed Glass Accent Figurine Sullivans 8 Coastal Blue Green Glitter Glass Stingray Tabletop 6 Inch Figurine Beach Carved Wooden Seagull SANDPIPER sand piper BIRDS – Set of 4 IMAX 18209-3 Hotham Decorative Fishing Weights, Set of 3 Beach Theme Coastal Seashell & Starfish Caketop Cake Topper Figurine Tortoise and Crane Wetland Coastal Shorebird Wading Bird Antiquity Sian Art Bronze Beachcombers Coastal Life Decorative Ocean Animal Figurines with Westbraid Doily (Swirled Tropical Coastal Style MINIATURE HAND BLOWN Art GLASS Fish No. 130 FIGURINE Collection Coastal Marine Ocean Bottlenose Dolphin Gliding Over Sea Waves Figurine Collectible Dolphin Lounging on Beach Bathing Beauties Shelf or Table Figurines Set of 2 Atlantic Collectibles Coastal Apex Predator Shark Family Water Globe Figurine 4 Ebros Scenic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Salt And Pepper Shakers Holder Figurine 8 Tidal Expressions Seagull Statue Figurine, 6 Inches Ebros Nautical Coastal Sea Monster Octopus Bookends Set Statue In Faded Bronze Large Decorative Blue Coral Reef Nautical Home Decor Accent – Nautical Beach Beautiful Dreaming Mermaid With Starfish Headband Figurine Table or Shelf Decor Santa’s Animated Lighthouse Village Figurine by The San Francisco Music Box Company


coastal living decor

Other Seaside Decor

Your home will feel coastal in no time flat, when you add these seaside decor touches throughout! Use them in your bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and anywhere else you want a coastal theme!

 Luxbon Set of 4 Pcs Nautical Themed Seaside Durable Cotton Linen Light Sea Shell Starfish Sandals Flip Flops Wood Wall Hooks Nautical Decor Set Regal Art &Gift Rustic Pelican Decor Youbedo Mediterranean Style Nautical Fish Net with Shells Blue Seaside Wall Home Zenna Home, India Ink Seaside Serenity Soap Dish, Coastal/Beach Oceanic Coastal White Sandy Beach Style Starfish, Seagull & Seashells Wood 3 Set of 2 Themed Book Boxes – Seaside SEASIDE GARDENIA 3-Wick Candle 14.5 oz / 411 g Franklin Brass PBF657C-254-C1 Liberty Seaside Cottage Starfish Kitchen Cabinet Knob (5 Pack), Stonebriar Decorative Textured Pale Ocean Ceramic Pillar Candle Holder, Coastal Home Decor Vintage Seashell Coat Hook Hanger by Comfify | Rustic Cast Iron Wall Ambesonne Seaside Decor Collection, Path to the Beach Clear Sky Bushes Grasses Seaside Decor Shower Curtain Set By Ambesonne, Maldivian Beach, Sun Bed At RT Designers Collection Coastal 5-Piece Quilt Set, Queen Madison Park – Bayside Coverlet Set – Blue – King – Coastal C&F Home 82139.8686 Saltwater Serenity for Q Quilt, Full/Queen, Tan Free Spirit Cape Cod Seaside Sailing Nautical Bedding Comforter Set, Multi-Colored, Queen Barefoot Bungalow Cruz Coastal Quilt Set, King, Multicolor Kay Dee Designs H0531 Holiday Merry Seaside Embroidered Waffle Towel Wilton Armetale Sea Life Sand Dollar Serving Tray Wilton Armetale Sea Life Lobster Divided Serving Tray, 16-Inch-by-10-Inch


coastal living decor

Seashell & Other Seaside Lamps

Since we often think of seashells when we think of the seaside, these seashell and other seaside lamps will make lovely additions to your seaside decor! Add one or more on tables in your living room, family room, den, office or bedrooms.

 AHS Lighting L2137GR-UP1 Starfish Buoy Accent Lamp Coast Lamp Cottage Seaside Villa Bucket Of Shells Table Lamp Stylecraft Home Coastal Shutter Table Lamp w/ Decorative Starfish & Shell Motif O’THENTIQUE Driftwood Vine Table Lamp | Natural Turned Twisted Wood Console Lamp O’THENTIQUE Driftwood Table Lamp | Natural Rustic Reclaimed Wood Sculpture Handmade Earthy O’THENTIQUE 16 Inches Real Mother of Pearl Table Lamp with Linen Shade 20.75 Weathered Seaside Villa Multi Shell Table lamp with Night Light Pacific Coast Lighting 87-1241-62 Kaanapali Seashell 27-Inch Table Lamp with Pacific Beige Crestview Collection Seaside Frosted Blue Glass Table Lamp Coast Lamp Manufacturer 14-B12C Tattered Seaside Villa Accent Lamp – 23.5 in. Kenroy Home 20140AW Nantucket Table Lamp, Antique White Cottage/Seaside Villa Chevron/Captains Wheel Table lamp Nautical Themed Coral Mood Desk Lamp Shade Craftsman Table Lighting Contemporary Replacement Safavieh Lighting Collection Bashi Gold 23.5-inch Table Lamp (Set of 2)


Stingray Decor

stingray decorStingrays are cool looking creatures that are actually quite friendly, too. You may have seen photos of people petting stingrays in the ocean. This stingray decor will remind you daily of these mysterious and glorious creatures. You will find stingray figurines, wall decor, and other stingray decor featured here. Place a stingray touch in every room of your home for a nautical theme you will enjoy every day.

Show off your love for these marvelous sea creatures with this fun stingray decor for your home or office.

Stingrays have wide, flat bodies, and are considered fish. They are related to sharks, and like their shark cousins, they do not have bones. Instead, their bodies are supported by cartilage—the same material that you feel inside the tip of your nose. Broad fins run the entire length of their body, which gives them their flat, roundish shape. To swim, some stingrays move their whole bodies in a wavy motion that propels them through the water. Other species flap their fins like bird wings and “fly” through the water.

 Handmade Stingray Art Art Glass Blown Sea Animal Figurine Nauti Stingray Decorative Figurine in Bright Blue Perfect Tabletop or Wall Hanging Coastal Blue Green Glitter Glass Stingray Tabletop 6 Inch Figurine StealStreet SS-BA-C-DBL2084 10.5 aMonogram Art Unlimited Stingray Wooden Shape with Baltic Birch Plywood Wall Décor, Sea Life Collection Blue Stingray in Coral Figurine


​Stingrays have tails that are armed for defense. Some have a spine in their tail that has a sharp point and serrated edges. Many species, including the exotic-looking blue-spotted stingray, have venom that is delivered through their tails. That venom, and the spine itself, can be dangerous to humans. Stingrays prefer shallow, near-shore waters in warm parts of the world. Here, they spend most of their time lying partially buried on the ocean floor hiding from predators, like sharks, or waiting for prey to swim by. Their colors usually match the mud or sand they hide in. While a stingray’s mouth is on the underside of its body, along with its nostrils and gill slits, its eyes are on the top. Scientists don’t think they use their eyes for hunting very much though. Instead, they use special sensors called ampullae of Lorenzini, which can detect the tiny electrical charges emitted by their prey.​ (Info from National Geographic).

Other Stingray Decor for Your Home Or Office

Your nautical theme may include sea life such as stingrays and other creatures. This stingray decor will certainly add appeal to any room in your home, or use it on your desk or walls at work, too, to show your love of these sea creatures.

 Ambesonne Shark Duvet Cover Set Queen Size, Sea Creatures in Vintage Style Lunarable Underwater Queen Size Duvet Cover Set by, Sting Ray in Watercolor Safavieh Pillow Collection Stingray 18-Inch Cream and Brown Embroidered Decorative Pillows, Set 3D Render Stingray Animal Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Graphic Manta Ray Stencil – 11 x 7.5 inch (L) – Reusable Maori Bejeweled Stingray Trinket Box BorisMotley Wall Decal Stingray Tribal Vinyl Removable Mural Art Decoration Stickers for Caroline’s Treasures Stingray Indoor or Outdoor Mat, 18 Nautical Coin Box Bank by Ambesonne, Let the Sea Set You Free


​Prey for stingrays includes clams, oysters, shrimps, crabs, and mussels. Stingrays will crush their food using strong jaws. Female stingrays typically give births one time per year.They can have two to six young at a time. Baby stingrays are born quite large, so they look like small adults when they are born, and they are able to fend for themselves.

Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Coastal Christmas OrnamentsGive your Christmas tree a unique theme this year with coastal Christmas ornaments. You’ll find everything here from pelicans and starfish, to lighthouses and ships.

A nautical theme is a fun way to bring a tropical feel into your home for the Christmas holiday season. Whether you live in a tropical paradise, or you experience winter snow, you can warm up your Christmas tree with these fun coastal Christmas ornaments.

Did you know you can use Christmas ornaments for other things than decorating your Christmas tree? Use them as package toppers, stocking fillers, gift basket additions, or hang them on an ornament hanger or wall hook.

These coastal Christmas ornaments make lovely gifts for family, friends, and coworkers, too. Whether you devote your entire Christmas tree to a coastal or nautical theme, or you simply want to add a coastal touch here and there, these coastal Christmas ornaments will add whimsical design to your tree year after year.

Coastal Christmas Ornaments

 Coastal Adirondack Chair Ornament Enesco-Gift 4058859 Whale Ornament Sea Glass Hanging Fish Ornaments – Set of 3 4 Coastal Beach Christmas Handmade Ornaments Decoration, Mother of Pearl & Bead Set, 3D Coastal Maryland Blue Crab Tiki Bar Decor Ornament Mermaids Holding Hearts Embossed Christmas Holiday Ornaments Set of 2 Oceanic Whale Hand Painted Hanging Christmas Ornament – Teal Jim Shore Rivers End Coastal Fish Christmas Tree Ornament Decoration 4054609 New Cape Shore 3.5 Coastal Shells Pearl Encrusted Holiday Ornaments Set of 2 Katherine’s Collection Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Seahorse Ornament Coastal Ocean Beach Wavy Starfish Carved Whitewashed Wood Ceiling Fan Pull Yunko Mediterranean Style Design Beach Starfish Bathroom Wall Wedding Decor Size Large Bead and Mother of Pearl 4 Fishing Float Ornament, A/6 Old World Christmas Sailor Hat Glass Blown Ornament Hampton Nautical Wooden Cutty Sark Tall Model Clipper Ship Christmas Ornament, 4 Red Crab 2D Beach Ceiling Fan Pull – Beach Decor Starfish | Starfish Dangle Ornament with seashells | Nautical Decoration | 5-6 Nautical ocean BEACH theme ceiling FAN PULL light chain extension (Anchor –


Sea Turtle Christmas Ornaments

Sea Turtle Christmas Ornaments Sea turtles move through the waters with beauty and grace. Dont you just love them?

These sea turtle ornaments look great on your Christmas tree, ornament holders, and even on your wall on a nail or hook. Consider a sea turtle theme on your tree, a coastal theme with a variety of ornaments, or simply add a turtle here and there as you please.

Sea Turtle Christmas Ornaments

Decorating a Christmas tree is a fun activity for the entire family or household. Consider some of these adorable sea turtle Christmas ornaments on your tree(s) this year! There are dozens of designs to choose from here, so you can mix and match as you please.

You’re sure to find the perfect nautical/coastal ornaments from this great selection of sea turtle ornaments featured here. Christmas doesn’t have to be all about snow and cold weather. Warm things up with a sea turtle theme this year!

 Sea Turtle Brown Shell Green Flippers Animal Ocean Beach Reptile Christmas Tree Marine Life Collection Blue Sea Turtle Ornament Ganz Sea Turtle Car Charm Green Sea Turtle Christmas Ornament Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Sea Turtle Ornament Acrylic Sea Turtle Hanging Christmas Ornament Glass Blue Baby Sea Turtle Christmas Ornament Department 56 Gone to the Beach Coast Pretty Sea Turtle Hanging Ornaments Enesco River’s End Jim Shore Christmas Coastal Sea Turtle Ornament by Enesco Coastal Sea Turtle Swimming Resin Christmas Holiday Ornament Waterside Sea Turtle Hanging Christmas Ornament Hallmark Honu Glass Green Sea Turtle Ornament Kurt Adler Glass Glitter Sea Turtle Ornament, 4.75-Inch, Gold/Silver Old World Christmas Green Sea Turtle Glass Blown Ornament Sea Turtle Art Glass Hanging Christmas Ornament Sullivans 6.5 Cozumel Reef Sea Turtle Hanging Christmas Ornament Glassdelights Green Sea Turtle Sea Life Glass Christmas Ornament December Diamonds Sea Life Ornament – Green Turtle Kurt Adler 4 Sea Turtle Art Glass Hanging Christmas Ornament Glass Coastal Blue Sea Turtle Holiday Ornament Glow in the Dark 3 Christopher Radko Sea And Castle Christmas Ornament


Sea Turtle Decor

Sea Turtle DecorThis sea turtle decor will dress up any coastal living space with a touch of sea life that everyone will enjoy.

Sea turtles live in almost every ocean basin throughout the world, nesting on tropical and subtropical beaches. They migrate long distances to feed, often crossing entire oceans.

The sea turtle pictured here is a Hawksbill Sea Turtle. There are a variety of colors and species of sea turtles swimming in our great oceans. Sea turtle decor will offer a fun and unique touch to any room in your home. Whether you choose sea turtle wall decor, figurines, bedding, or other decor, your home will come alive with nature.

The sea turtle’s shell, or “carapace” is streamlined for swimming through the water. Unlike other turtles, sea turtles cannot retract their legs and head into their shells. Their color varies between yellow, greenish and black depending on the species.

Enjoy browsing the wonderful sea turtle decor options featured below. Which ones are your favorites?

Sea Turtle Wall Decor

Dress up the walls in your home or office with this fabulous sea turtle wall decor. From metal signs to plaques, and more…you’ll enjoy the whimsy and nautical theme this sea turtle decor adds to your coastal living design.

 Regal Art and Gift Sea Turtle Wall Decor, Set of 3 SUMGAR Wall Art for Bathroom Green Sea Turtle Wall Decor Vintage Paintings SEI Sea Turtle Wall Art Comfy Hour Coastal Ocean Sea Turtles Wall Art Decor Set (3 Pieces Regal Art and Gift 5073 Regal Art &Gift Sea Turtle Wall Decor, SET OF 2 BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE SEA OCEAN TURTLE METAL TROPICAL loggerhead ISLAND Mosaic Sea Turtle Mirror Wall Hanging by Beachcombers Regal Art &Gift Sea Turtle Wall Decor, 20 Large Giant Coastal Marine Brown Sea Turtle Swimming Hanging Wall Decor Sculpture Sea Turtle Honu ( Peace & Longevity) by Danny Phillips ART PRINT, wall26 – 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Green Sea Turtle Swimming Demdaco Big Sky Carver Sea Turtle Wall Art Regal Art &Gift Bronze Sea Turtle Wall Decor, 18-Inch So Crazy Art Blue 4 Piece Wall Art Painting Turtle Looking Swim Sea Turtle – Bathroom Décor – Removable Wall Decal – 18 Ecomic Sea turtle Bohemian Tapestry Marine Life Bohemian Tapestry, Mandala Wall Hanging White Sea Turtle Cast Iron Wall Hook 4 5/8 Inch (Set of Regal Art & Gift Mosaic Sea Turtle Wall Decor 18 New 13 Hawksbill Sea Turtle Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Graphic (24 Continental Art Center CAC10120 Acrylic Beaded Flower Sea Turtle Wall Decor, 19.3 Regal Art &Gift Sea Turtle Key Hook Sunset Vista Designs Turtle Welcome Sign Next Innovations Sea Turtle Refraxions 3D Wall Art


Sea Turtle Bedding

Sea turtle bedding is a great way to incorporate these grand yet graceful creatures into your home’s design. Bedding sets and throw pillows will offer a fresh new look and feel to your bedroom. You can also toss some pillows on a sofa or chair in other rooms throughout your home.

 Arightex Turtle Bedding Sea Blue Duvet Cover Ocean 3d Corals Fishes Print Arightex Sea Turtle Bedding Honu Turtle Wave Duvet Cover Ocean Beach Elegant Twin Size Bedding Set- Sea Turtles Duvet Cover Set Bedspread for Childrens/Kids/Teens/Adults, C&F Home 82139.8686 Saltwater Serenity for Q Quilt, Full/Queen, Tan Custom Funny Sea Turtle Pattern Bed/Sofa Soft Throw Blanket 58 Tribal Sea Turtles Fleece Throw Blanket LAGHCAT 3D Turtle Wave Kids Blanket Crochet Adult Summer Blankets Four Colors Hidden Retreat Nautical Summer Ocean Coastal Print Embroidered 6-Pc. Bed Sheet Set UniTendo Swimming Sea Turtle Digital Bedding Set High Definition Ocean Blue 4-Piece Hot Sell Super Soft sea turtle Blanket 58 Ammybeddings 3D Bedding Sets Swimming Sea Turtle Digital Count Duvet Cover Sets Society6 Sea Turtles In The Coral – Ocean Beach Marine Comforters Full: Ecomic Ocean Octopus Sea Turtle Dolphin Starfish Turquoisen Throw Pillow Case Animal Ambesonne Turtle Duvet Cover Set, Cute Baby Turtle Swimming in Abstract Waters Beautiful Watercolor Beach Sea Turquoise Color Animals Sea Turtle Swimming Print Cotton 2 Piece Underwater Sea Creatures Pattern Quilt Set Twin Size, Printed Coastal DECOPOW Embroidered Cute Nautical Animal Pillow Covers,Square 18 inch Decorative Canvas Pillow Marine Turtles Animal Sea Turtle Cotton Linen Decorative Pillowcase Throw Pillow Cushion Famibay Decorative Pillow Cover Ocean Park Theme Square Cotton Linen Throw Pillow UOOPOO Beach House Sea Turtle Decorative Throw Pillow Case Square 16 x


Other Sea Turtle Decor

Find other sea turtle decor for every room in your home, and add a touch of sea life to your design. Create a coastal atmosphere with this cool sea turtle decor!

 Sea Turtle Metal Novelty Surf Board Sign SB-082 Waltz&F Crystal Sea Turtle Paperweight Galss Globe Hemisphere Home Office Table Decoration EZON-CH Modern Non Slip Watercolor Sea World Animal Home Bathroom Bath Shower Create-A-Mural Sea Turtle Family Decals ~Ocean Vinyl Tortoise Underwater Wall Sticker Decor Mud Pie Turtle Paper Towel Holder Animal Canvas Wall Art Decor Swimming Turtle Canvas Prints Underwater Sea Wall Atlantic Collectibles Coastal Ocean Giant Sea Turtle Decorative Resin Figurine With Crushed Lovable Sea Turtle Vinyl Decal for Macbook, Laptop or other device 5 Glass Baron ~ Aloha Sea Turtle Blue Sea Turtles 14-piece Bathroom Set Bath Rugs with Fabric Shower Curtain Ocean Marine Reef Giant Leatherback Sea Turtle 12oz Ceramic Mug Coffee Cup Sea Turtle Cast Iron Door Stop, Blue Verdigris Finish, 5.75 Blue Sea Turtles Decor Art Prints Set of 4 Unframed Beach Coastal Turtle Bay Metal Sign | Nautical Theme Design | Sea Turtles | Waltz&F Purple Sea Turtle Figurine Collectible Hinged Trinket Box Bejeweled Hand-painted Ring


Nautical Throw Pillows

Nautical Throw Pillows Throw pillows add color, interest and texture to any space. Toss some on your bed, sofa, chairs, window seats, benches, and so on, for a look you’ll love.

These decorative nautical pillows will add a coastal touch to any room in your home or office. You’ll enjoy fish and other sea creatures, as well as lighthouses, ship part, and more.

Pillows also make awesome house warming gifts and gifts for other occasions, too. Explore these cool nautical throw pillows and discover a world of wonder in your interior and exterior decor. Spruce things up with some pillows today!

 Luxbon Set of 4 Pcs Nautical Themed Seaside BPFY 4 Pack Home Decor Cotton Linen Nautical SYH003 Decorative Nautical Anchor Sailing Map Cotton Linen Miracle Dec Nautical Compass Pattern Linen Polyester Square Hofdeco Decorative Throw Pillow Cover HEAVY WEIGHT Cotton Fjfz Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost YOUR SMILE Nautical Cotton Linen Decorative Throw Pillow RuiHome Set of 4 Nautical Cushion Pillow Covers Throw Pillow Covers Decorative for Sofa Linen Nautical Accrocn Square Throw Pillow Covers Retro Blue Nautical InterestPrint Retro Navigation Compass Throw Pillowcase Pillow Case YouYee Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover, 4 Pack FanHomcy Cushion Covers Simple Geometric Decorative WOMHOPE Set of 3 pcs – 18 【Bailand】Set of 4 Nautical Sea Side Theme Cushion Sweet Jojo Designs Anchors Away Nautical Navy and Nautical Throw Pillow Cushion Cover by Ambesonne, Let oFloral Home Decorative Nautical Anchor Rustic Wood Cotton Personalized Nautical Family Beach House Throw Pillow Nautical Decor Throw Pillows Beach House Outdoor Pillows Ambesonne Nautical Throw Pillow Cushion Cover, Aged Ocean HUABEI Pillow cover Cushion Case Home Decorative Print Manual Woodworkers & Weavers Inspirational Throw Pillow, 17 Comi Faux Burlap Nautical Home Decor Pillow Case Sweet Jojo Designs Nautical Nights Sailboat and Red, 【Bailand】Set of 3 Nautical Sea Side Theme Cotton/Linen Brandream Nautical Bedding 100% Cotton 26 X 26 Wish Upon a Starfish Navy Blue Throw Pillow All Smiles Nautical Throw Pillow Covers Case Ocean Nautical Decor Throw Pillow Cushion Cover by Ambesonne,


Coastal Lamps

coastal lampsCoastal lamps include anything with a coastal or nautical theme. You can consider ship ropes, ship wheels, and other ship parts; sea life such as coral, starfish, seahorses, etc; lighthouses, and more.

Your coastal living decor calls for themed lamps for your tables and floors. You might even be able to include ceiling lamps in certain rooms, too…all with a nautical theme you’ll love.

People often don’t think about the importance lamps play in a room’s design. They not only add needed light to any space, but if they are decorative, they will enhance your room’s design theme, as well.

Coastal Lamps for Tabletops

The coastal lamps featured here can be used on any table, dresser, chest, desk, etc. throughout your home or office. Choose a design that works well with your other decor.

 Navy Blue Anchor Rope Resin Lamp Beige Woven Kenroy Home 32055WDG Cole Table Lamp Rope and Glass Jug Table Lamp Deco 79 28750 Wood Buoy Table lamp 24 Crosby Blue-Green Bottle with Rope Glass Table Lamp Nautical Themed Coral Mood Desk Lamp Shade Craftsman Kiven Nautical Lighthouse Table Lamp Large Cape Hatteras Style Craft L38246 Bokava 2 Nautical Anchor Table Urbanest Set of 2 Seahorse Table Lamps, Antique Nautical Glass Lamp Signature Design by Ashley L430514 Johanna Table Lamp, Resin Table Lamps `Captain`S Destiny` Ship`S Wheel Table Royal Designer Chrome Nautical Desk Lamp Black Tripod Modern Home Nautical Pier Rope Table Lamp – Accent Plus VINTAGE CAMPING LANTERN TABLE LAMP Novogratz Jeannie 17 Resin Table Lamps Pirate Skeleton W/ Treasure Table Coastal Trip Pulley Ships Block Wood Desk 40 Square Glass 21 3/4 Modern Home Nautical Driftwood Table Lamp Stainless Steel Table Lamps Surfboard Beach Stainless Steel OK Lighting OK-5708 27 inch H Ocean Breeze Modern Home Nautical Pier Rope Table Lamp – O’THENTIQUE Driftwood Table Lamp with Stone | Rustic Catalina Lighting 19477-001 Hampton Metal 16.25-Inch Rope Table DEI Embossed Buoy Lamp with Rope SM Décor, Statue ocean nautical white brain coral beach bedside JONATHAN Y JYL1004A Azure 23.5 Nautical Coastal Rope & Mercury Glass Table Lamp Kenroy Home 32268AWH Islander Table Lamp, Antique White


Coastal Lamps for Floors

Floor lamps will enhance your room’s design while keeping tables free for other items. These coastal floor lamps will go well with any nautical theme in your home, or use them to brighten up your office space at work.

 THOR Vintage Classic Tripod Floor Lamp Nautical Floor Thor Nautical 1950’s Hollywood Studio Vintage Design Industrial DEI Standing Lantern Lamp with Vintage Bulb Décor, Hollywood Unique Floor Lamp Focus light Vintage Style Averill Park Industrial Downbridge Bronze Floor Lamp NATURAL WOOD FLOOR LAMP BASE – Home Decor Retro Marine Floor Lamp, Nautical Spot Studio Tripod Vintage Designer Tripod Floor Lamp Nautical Floor Lamp Spotlight Decor Floor Light Nautical Standing Studio Lamp Decoluce Nautical Black Tripod Spot Light Cinema Vintage Nautical Designer Spot Light with Wooden Tripod Floor Wendy Gibney Search Light 72


Lamp styles include: Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Wall Lamps or Sconces, Candles, Ceiling Light Fixtures, and Nightlights. Choose your style according the the lighting needs of each room, and light up the world around you!

Nautical Wall Lamps

Add a nautical touch to any room in your home with these cool coastal lamps for your walls! You’ll love the designs here, and you can mix and match styles according to each room’s theme.

 Marlowe Galvanized 13 1/4 BAYCHEER HL421422 Industrial Retro Vintage style Single Light Sunlite 47202-SU DOD/NC/WH/CL/MED Decorative Outdoor Nautical Collection Polycarbonate LNC Wall Sconces 1-light Outdoor Sconces Wall Lighting JINGUO Lighting Rustic Lantern Wall Mounted Light Industrial Marine Bulkhead Round Outdoor Wall / Ceiling Light NIUYAO Nautical Style Industrial Vintage Metal Wrought Iron 11-Inch Oval Bulkhead Light Globe Electric Harbor 1-Light Outdoor Wall Sconce, Matte 10.25 Marlowe Galvanized 13 1/4 JINGUO Lighting Industrial Wall Sconce Water Pipe Double Vaxcel OW21861BN Chatham 7-Inch Outdoor Wall Light, Brushed Westinghouse 6230100 Weatherby One-Light Exterior Wall Lantern, Weathered Designers Fountain 1751-RT Height Nantucket Outdoor Sconce, Rustique Vermont Lanterns Brass Nautical Gimbal Yacht Lamp with Westinghouse 6348300 Weatherby One-Light Outdoor Wall Fixture, Weathered Vaxcel One Light Outdoor Wall Light OW37051BBZ One Tradition Brass Oval Outdoor Waterproof Lamp , Nautical Craftmade Z4404-88 Wall Lantern with Shades, Bronze Finish CGJDZMD Wall Sconce Loft Vintage Industry Wrought Iron


Octopus Decor

Octopus Decor This octopus decor will add amazing touches to your coastal design! You’ll find everything from wall decor and shower curtains, to octopus figurines and more.

The octopus is an amazing creature. They learn quickly and from watching other octopuses. Since they are predators, they must familiarize themselves with their surroundings, and with the behavior of other sea creatures.

Octopus decor will add interesting design touches to any room in your home. If you are looking for something unique in your nautical theme, then consider this cool octopus decor!

Interesting Octopus Facts: Octopuses can solve problems, as when they remove a plug or unscrew a lid to get prey from a container. They are the first invertebrates to be seen using tools, such as using coconut shells to hide from potential predators and using rocks and jets of water in a way that could be classified as tool use.

Amazing Octopus Decor

These octopus decor items will enhance any room in your home, or use them on a desktop at work to show off your nautical style! You’ll enjoy decorating with octopuses, and you have some great design options featured here!

 EZON-CH Modern Non Slip Watercolor Sea World Animal Decorative Swimming Octopus Toilet Paper Holder – Bathroom Spi Home Octopus Lantern Octopus Pillar Candleholder by SPI Home Blue Octopus Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Art Print 8×10 Cast Iron Octopus Hook 11 Inch – Decorative Creative Co-Op Decorative Bisque Stoneware Octopus Table Topper Vinyl Kraken Wall Decal Octopus Tentacles Wall Sticker Decorative Octopus Bronze Finish Key Holder Wall Decor, wall26 – 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Crackle Seafoam Metal Octopus Wall Decor Blue Sky Ceramic 10 YINGKAI Funny Bathroom Toilet Decal Octopus Toilet Seat Home Decor Sofa Gorgeous Cool Octopus Color Printed 3 Pcs/set Bathroom Non-Slip Vintage Octopus Set Flannel Octopus Love 11×14 Inch Reproduction Vintage Dictionary Art Decorative Swimming Octopus Picture Frame 4 Canvas Print – Octopus Canvas Art – Octopus Ebros Gift Steampunk Octopus Kraken Warrior Decorative Resin Wall Mount Swimming Octopus Tentacles Key Hook 6 Victorian Octopus Lady Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Art Print Mermaid and Octopus – Gold Wall Decor Art Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sea Life Octopus Octopus Creative Creature 3D Acrylic Visual Home Touch Octopus Round Wall Mirror Ebros Sea Monster Kraken Giant Octopus Ashtray Figurine Pacific Giftware Nautical Kraken Octopus Wrapped Around Skull Steampunk Giant Kraken Octopus Marauder Military Deep Sea Hampton Nautical k-0942-solid-dark-blue Rustic Dark Blue Cast Iron Custom Nautical Steampunk Octopus Vintage Kraken Drawing Decorative


Lobster Bedroom Decor

Lobster Bedroom DecorLobster bedroom decor is a fun way to add whimsical delight to every bedroom in your home. From lobster bedding sets and pillows, to wall decor and more.

Lobsters are a unique theme with which to decorate, and you’ll stand out from the crowd in design excellence and whimsical flare, when you decorate your bedroom with this lobster bedroom decor!

Find delightful decorations here to make your coastal bedrooms a dream come true for the entire family!

 Ambesonne Whale Duvet Cover Set Twin Size, Variety LINKWELL 18 DECOPOW Embroidered Nautical Decor Pillow Covers,Square 18 inch Lunarable Underwater Duvet Cover Set Queen Size, Sea Frontporch Lobster On Stripes Pillow Blue/Navy Ambesonne Marine King Size Duvet Cover Set by, Lunarable Sea Animals Duvet Cover Set King Size, Blue Lobster Duvet Bed Set 3 Piece Set Liora Manne Whimsy Ocean Dweller Indoor/Outdoor Pillow, 18 Peking Handicraft Lobster Hook Pillow, 8X12 Primitives by Kathy Vintage Feed Sack Style Lobster The Pillow Collection KING-PP-LOBSTER-TIMBERWOLFRED-C Red Haya Animal Print Phantoscope Decoractive New Ocean Series Jacquard White Lobster Riva Home Sealife Cushion Cover (12 x 20 CafePress – Vintage Lobster Woodgrain Beach Art – LINKWELL 18 SARO LIFESTYLE Neptunian Collection Cotton Down Filled Throw Ocean Park Theme Throw Pillow Case, Huacel Sea DECOPOW Embroidered Nautical Decor Pillow Covers,Square 18 inch Tropical Lobster Metal Sculptures Plastic Lobster 4 Under the Sea Creatures Crab Seahorse Turtle Replica 16 Inch Maine Ocean Coastal Sea Lobster Handpainted Red Lobster Wall Mount Decor Plaque 16 December Diamonds Blue Lobster Figurine Sea Life Decoration Rustic Red Cast Iron Lobster Trivett 11 Inch Red Lobster Jingle Bells Coastal Christmas Ornament


Cool Pelican Decor

cool pelican decor This cool pelican decor will add touches to your coastal decor like none other! From wall decor, to figurines and more, you’ll find very cool pelican decor featured here.

Pelicans are a genus of large water birds that makes up the family Pelecanidae. They are characterized by a long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey and draining water from the scooped up contents before swallowing. They are cool birds to watch, and you’ll enjoy displaying them in your coastal design.

Grace your home with pelican wall decor, shower curtains, table lamps, and other unique items. Guests will be amazed at the beauty of these birds, and you’ll get to enjoy them every day!

There are more than half a dozen species of pelicans, but all of them have the famous throat pouch for which the birds are best known. These large birds use their elastic pouches to catch fish—though different species use it in different ways. (from National Geographic)

Cool Pelican Decor for Your Walls

This cool pelican wall decor will dress up any wall in your home or office. Clocks, posters, framed art, metal wall art, and other pelican wall decor brings a touch of nature into any room. These coastal birds are truly a delight!

 Regal Art &Gift Rustic Pelican Decor Nautical Coastal Flying Pelican Wooden Wall Decor Bird Print Set of 4 Art Beautiful James Audubon Hooping Crane Pink Hand Painted Flying Pelican Wall Mount Decor Plaque Replica 12 2 HAND CARVED SET OF WHITE WOOD PELICANS WALL ART HANG ON Westlake – Poster Print Wall – Bird Pelican – Modern Picture Photography Westlake – Poster Print Wall – Naples Pelican – Modern Picture Photography Bird Print Set of 6 Art Beautiful James Audubon Birds Avocet Great Westlake – Poster Print Wall – Pelican Bird – Modern Picture Photography Westlake – Poster Print Wall – Pelican Bird – Modern Picture Photography Pelican Bellycan, Pelican Clock, From Original Artwork, Gift Boxed, Desk Clock, 2 Pelican Layered Wood Beach Decor Wall Art, Pelican Picture, Beach Picture, Pelican


Pelican Figurines & Statues

Set these gorgeous pelicans on cabinets, shelves and other furniture to bring a coastal feel to any space.

 SC Hand Painted Twin Pelican Bird Lovers Figurine 5.25 Pelican Figurine of Hand Blown Glass on Amethyst Crystals Wooden Pelican toy Bird figurine Wood Bird Toy Pelican, Stork Enameled & Crystal Pelican Bird Ring Treasured Jewelry Box Metal Tabletop Wedding Glass pelican figure pelican bird sculpture pelicans statue murano bird figurines collectible Beautiful Pelican Pelican figurine!! (preowned) Glass pelican figure pelican bird sculpture pelicans statue murano bird figurines collectible BROWN PELICAN DUO Sculpture by JOHN PERRY Figurine Hand painted 8in Long


Cool Pelican DecorThe Brown Pelican is a comically elegant bird with an oversized bill, sinuous neck, and big, dark body. Squadrons glide above the surf along southern and western coasts, rising and falling in a graceful echo of the waves.

These birds are a delight to watch!

Other Cool Pelican Decor

Here is some more cool pelican decor you’ll enjoy displaying in your home. Spread the love throughout your home, and enjoy these coastal birds everywhere you turn.

 Bejeweled Display® Pelican w/ Stain Glass Candle Holder & Home Decor (L) CoolDream Home Decor Sofa Cotton Linen Pelicans Throw Pillow Cover Puzzled Nautical Decor Pelican Couple Coastal Collection Animal Life Resting Pelican with Crushed Glass Accent Figurine Deco 79 38707 Wood Pelican Resin Carved Wood Look Sitting Brown Pelican Hand Carved Wooden Pelican with Fish End Table Plant Stand Wood Sculpture 7” Glass Pelican Figurine Design Toscano Dock of The Bay Pelican Statue Coastal Decor Water Fountain with LED Light – Pelican’s Seashore Roost Garden 20 Pelican Decorator Pillow, Indoor Outdoor Use


cool pelican decor Pelicans might not be the most graceful birds, but they are certainly fun to watch, and this cool pelican decor will add delightful whimsy to your coastal design.

Unique Heron Decor

Unique Heron Decor This Unique Heron Decor depicts these birds beautifully. The herons are long-legged freshwater and coastal birds in the family Ardeidae, with 64 recognized species, some of which are referred to as “egrets” or “bitterns” rather than herons.

If one of these tall birds has ever graced your path, consider yourself lucky to have seen such grace and beauty.

Heron decor makes the ideal addition to any coastal or nautical theme in your home or office. You’ll enjoy heron wall decor, figurines, and more featured here. This unique heron decor will bring a touch of the great outdoors into your coastal home.

Unique Heron Decor for Your Walls

Every room needs some type of wall decor in the design. Choose mirrors, clocks, metal wall art, paintings, and more to add pops of color, texture, and interest to every room in your home. Your coastal home design or beach house will come to life with this unique heron decor for your walls. Use it in your bedrooms, living room, dining room, foyer, kitchen, etc.

 wall26 – Canvas Wall Art – Heron Bird – Wild Animal- Gallery Hand Carved Metal Blue Heron Wall Art Hanging Tropical Nautical Decor NOVICA Floral Large Suar Wood Relief Panel, Brown, ‘Herons In A Lotus Aluminum Heron Wall Decor wall26 – 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Heron at the Beach Heron, Crane, Egret Bird Silhouette Round Scene Metal Wall Art Home Decor Regal Art & Gift 11633 Heron Wall Decor 33 Niwo Art (TM) – Patricia Pinto Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled New Blue Heron Heron, Crane, Egret Bird in Reeds Silhouette Metal Wall Art Home Decor Framed Art Print ‘Great Blue Heron’ by Prideaux John Selby Portfolio Canvas Decor Large Printed Canvas Wall Art Painting, 30 by 40-Inch, 9.5 Coastal Wall Art – Great Blue Heron – Metal Wall Sculpture – Tim O’Toole Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Heron Sanctuary I Tim O’Toole Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Heron Sanctuary II Portfolio Canvas Décor Seaside Heron II by Sandy Doonan Wrapped Canvas Wall One Heron at The Beach Artwork by Victor Giton, 16 by 24-Inch Whistling Heron Bird Artwork – 11×14 Unframed Art Print – Great Home GOOD MEDIA Crane Quintet Wall Art Sculpture Metal Heron Bird Gold & Modern Canvas Wall Art for Home and Office Decoration Oil Painting Print Regal Art & Gift 11333 Bronze Heron Wall Decor, 26 So Crazy Art 3 Piece Wall Art Painting Heron Crane Bird Flying Lanie Loreth Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Great Blue Heron Patricia Pinto Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Tropic Heron II Portfolio Canvas Decor Framed and Stretched Ready to Hang Herons II Canvas Blue Heron Bird Design Hand (plasma) Cut Hand Saw Metal Art | 10×20 Egret by the Shore II by Lovell, Kathrine: Distressed Classic Black Heron Sky Wall Decal by Wallmonkeys Peel and Stick Graphic (18 in Next Innovations WA3DMHERON CB Heron Refraxions 3D Wall Art Fine Art Tapestries Heron and Cattails Metal Wall Sculpture, Metal Wall Art Home Decor. Ethan Harper Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Shore Bird II


Unique Heron Decor ~ Sculptures & Figurines

These Heron figurines look lovely on a table, bookshelf, or desk in your home or office. You’ll enjoy showing off your love of the great heron with these cool heron sculptures and figurines.

 The Painted Bird by Richard Morgan Carved Blue Heron Figurine Trinket Box Metal Enameled Brid Figurine Collectable Wedding Jewelry Ring Holder Organizer Heron Ceramic Sculpture, Set of 2 CollectA Wildlife Shoebill Toy Figure – Authentic Hand Painted Model Outdoor/ Indoor Accent Metal Bronze Herons Patina Cranes 43 TIC Collection 24-609 Gazing Herons Outdoor/ Indoor Accent Metal Grey Herons 41 Jewelry case ‘Héron’white multicolored – 13×8.5×4.1 cm (5.12”x3.35”x1.61”). Balikraft Hand Made Wood Artisans Swarovski, Silver Heron, Retired The Painted Bird by Richard Morgan Carved Blue Heron Figurine, Hunting Jim Shore Heartwood Creek White Heron Stone Resin Figurine Bovano – Tabletop Sculpture – Great Blue Heron in Cattails – Left Handmade European Bronze Sculpture Art Deco Special Patina Limited Edition Heron Bird Coastal Home Decor – Great Blue Heron Wood Carving – Heron Sculpture


The herons are medium to large sized birds with long legs and necks. They exhibit very little sexual dimorphism in size. The smallest species is usually considered the little bittern, which can measure under 30 cm (12 in) in length, although all the species in the Ixobrychus genus are small and many broadly overlap in size. The largest species of heron is the Goliath heron, which stand up to 152 cm (60 in) tall. The necks are able to kink in an S-shape, due to the modified shape of the sixth vertebrae. The neck is able to retract and extend, and is retracted during flight, unlike most other long-necked birds. The neck is longer in the day herons than the night herons and bitterns. The legs are long and strong and in almost every species are unfeathered from the lower part of the tibia (the exception is the zigzag heron). In flight the legs and feet are held backward. The feet of herons have long thin toes, with three forward pointing ones and one going backward. (from Wikipedia)

Other Unique Heron Decor

Here is some more lovely heron decor for your home. You’ll find something for just about every room including the bathroom. Add a special touch to your coastal design with this unique heron decor!

 Ambesonne Nature Duvet Cover Set King Size, Sunset Horizon Background Flying Heron SALLEING Custom Luxury Funny Louisiana Heron By John James Audubon Decorative Pillowcase Brielle Faux Fur Oversized Throw, 50 Blue Heron Decorator Pillow, Indoor Outdoor Use Betsy Drake NC027 Blue Heron No Cord Pillow,,16 LCArtStore Blue Heron Nursery Sunset Birds Watching 18×18 Inch Cotton Linen Decorative Generic Custom Pillow Cover Cotton 18 X 18 Twin Sides Heron by Society6 Blue Heron Wall Clock Natural Frame, Black Hands OldBleu Tide Clock – Blue Heron – Coastal Gift Nautical (B&W) CafePress – Louisiana Heron – Decorative Fabric Shower Curtain (69 Grgeat Blue Heron Ate An Egg Fashion Shower Curtain Deluxe Waterproof Bath Society6 Great Blue Heron Couple Shower Curtain 71 DEI Heron Die-Cut Lamp Set of 2 Décor, Medium, Black Heron Large Cocktail Glasses 4 5 Inch Heron Wall Hook Small Grey Heron Black And White Animal Decorative Porcelain Dessert Plate 10 inch Heron – Paper Towel Stand Home Kitchen Furniture Decor Black Grey Heron Animal Portrayal Decorative Porcelain Dessert Plate 10 inch Dinner CounterArt Shoreline-Blue Heron Absorbent Coasters in Wooden Holder (Set of 4) 17.5 Inch Heron Welcome Sign Large Good Directions Blue Heron with Arrow Weathervane – Pure Copper


The herons are a widespread family with a cosmopolitan distribution. They exist on all continents except Antarctica, and are present in most habitats except the coldest extremes of the Arctic, extremely high mountains and the driest deserts. Almost all species are associated with water, they are essentially non-swimming waterbirds that feed on the margins of lakes, rivers, swamps, ponds and the sea. They are predominantly found in lowland areas, although some species live in alpine areas, and the majority of species occur in the tropics.

The herons are a highly mobile family, with most species being at least partially migratory. Some species are partially migratory, for example the grey heron, which is mostly sedentary in Britain but mostly migratory in Scandinavia. Birds are particularly inclined to disperse widely after breeding but before the annual migration where the species is colonial, searching out new feeding areas and reducing the pressures on feeding grounds near the colony. The migration typically occurs at night, usually as individuals or in small groups. (from Wikipedia)

Boat Picture Frames

Place photos throughout your home on tables, bookshelves, walls, dressers, etc. They add a personal touch to your space, and they will bring you joy and remind you of fond memories.

These cute boat picture frames also make nice gifts for family and friends for any occasion!

Choose your favorite designs here, and spruce up your desk at work, your living room end table, your bedroom nightstand, and more, with photos of people and things you love.

You might also want to expand on the boat theme by adding other boat decor such as figurines, wall decor, a boat shaped bookcase, etc. Or simply add a nautical touch with any of these boat picture frames.

 Asense Boat Antique Collage Photo Frame, Wall Hanging 3 Opening Family Photo Windy Hill Collection 4 x 6 Boat Shell Beach Coastal Picture Photograph 4×6 Inchs Beach Themed Boat Picture/Photo/Frame Nautical Decor Gift Puzzled Nautical Beach Picture Frame with Sailboats & Lighthouse – Weathered Ocean Blue Wood Malden International Designs Shoreline Wood Boat with Seashell and Netting Attachments Picture Mediterranean Style Decorative Starfish Anchor Shell Seagull Sailboat Pattern Wooden Photo Picture Epic Products Rowboat Picture Frame Bottle Stopper, 4.75-Inch Beach Photo Frame with Lighthouse Sailboat & Shells – Sand Texture Background


Coastal Wall Decor

Coastal Wall Decor

Coastal wall decor may include wall clocks, plaques, pictures, wall hooks, etc. Add a nautical theme, tropical theme, or anything else you prefer. This pretty coastal wall decor will make a huge difference in your space. You’ll love the change it brings, and the nautical feeling you’ll experience.

Dress up any room (and preferably every room) with wall decor. Bring a touch of the sea and the tropics into any space in your home.

 Flying Seagulls Wall Decor Set of 3 Distressed Comfy Hour Coastal Ocean Sea Turtles Wall Art Decor Set (3 Pieces Seahorses Swimming in Coral Wood Wall Plaques 3 Piece Set Wall Pops DWPK2174 Beach Bound Wall Art Kit Rienar Nautical Beach Wooden Boat Ship Steering Wheel Fishing Net Shell Home Deco 79 Metal Fish Wall Decor, 53 by 20-Inch wall26 – 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Turquoise Blue Fishing Boat LaCrosse 404-4060 23.5 Inch Coastal Decorative Quartz Wall Clock Stonebriar Small Round Wrapped Rope Mirror with Hanging Loop, Vintage Nautical Design Oceanic Coastal White Sandy Beach Style Starfish, Seagull & Seashells Wood 3 Deco 79 Metal Palm Wall Decor, 35 by 34 Comfy Hour 13 Stratton Home Decor — Dropship, us home, SUHQX S03897 Antique Silver Grand Ardemy Canvas Wall Art Painting 5 Pieces Blue Ocean Tropical Beach Seashell Blue Driftwood Decorative Crab | Natural Driftwood Crab for Display or Kitchen SUMGAR Wall Art for Bathroom Green Sea Turtle Wall Decor Vintage Paintings Deco 79 55477 Metal & Glass Wall Sconce Giftcraft 19 Sea glass SET 1+3 by Alan Blaustein 14×11 Photographs Art Print Poster Deco 79 84263 Wooden Oar Wall Decor, Brown/Blue/White/Black Beach Decor Wall Art Sea Fan Sea Coral Set of 6 Unframed Nautical Assortment 25 Pieces | White Finger Starfish | Sea Biscuit | Natural Shell Seashells Cross 8 Tropical Ocean Beach Turban Seashell Wood Single Wall Hook South Carolina – Anchor – Teal – Coastal Icon (12×18 Wood Wall WALL ART – SHORE BIRDS WALL SCULPTURE – COASTAL WALL DECOR The Beach Is My Happy Place – Plank Board Sign with Starfish


Sand Dollar Decor

Sand Dollar DecorThis sand dollar decor is the perfect addition to your coastal cottage or beach house. It adds a nautical touch to any home, and it’s a creative way to add unique touches throughout your home.

When sand dollars are alive, they look much different. They are covered with short, velvety spines that may be purple, reddish brown, yellowish, gray, green or black in color.

Your coastal living decor needs a few sand dollar touches, don’t you think?

A sand dollar is a species of extremely flattened, burrowing sea urchins belonging to the order Clypeasteroida. Some species within the order, not quite as flat, are known as sea biscuits.

Sand dollars feed on detritus, which is dead particulate organic material (as opposed to dissolved organic material). It typically includes the bodies or fragments of dead organisms as well as fecal material.

from Wikipedia

From throw pillows to wall decor, and so much more, you’ll find cool sand dollar decor here that you’ll love using in your coastal design.

 A Sand Dollar for Your Thoughts Wood Wall Hanging Cotton Linen Vintage Mediterranean Ocean Series Marine Organisms Conch Shells And Starfish Stupell Home Décor Blue Coastal Sand Dollar Decorative Vanity Wall Clock, 12 Sand Dollar Slatwood Panel Wall Art in Weathered Ivory Coastal Beach Legend Sand Dollar Coffee Latte Mug by Cape Shore Sand Dollar Art Print Watercolor Painting Nursery Marine Life Sea Ocean Sand Mariposa Sand Dollar Beaded Napkin Box Dark Blue Whitewashed Cast Iron Sand Dollar Decorative Plate 6 Natural Seashell Night Light Plug Includes Light Bulb – 3 Inch White Nautical Crush Trading – Natural White Finger Starfish, Sand Dollar and Knobby Lovely Watercolor-Style Laguna Seashell, Sand Dollar, and Starfish Ocean Set; Coastal Decor; Drink Coasters, Sand Dollar Coasters, Absorbent Coasters, Beach House, Nautical Decor, Home C&F Home Treasures by The Sea Collection Pillow, 8 by 20-Inch Art Glass Teal Green Glow in the Dark Sand Dollar 4 Lovely Blue and Teal Ocean Seashell Sand Dollar and Star Fish 4 Lovely Teal and Coral Ocean Seashell Sand Dollar Seahorse Star Fish Blue Seashell III by Danhui Nai Bathroom Spa Bath Room Wall Art Stonebriar Worn Yellow Ceramic Sand Dollar Keepsake Trinket Box, Decorative Small Jewelry SAND DOLLAR DRAWER KNOB KN 360AS ANTIQUE SILVER Treasures From The Sea 4 Absorbent Stone Coasters 4 Glass Sand Dollar Paperweights Mariposa Sand Dollar 5 x 7 Frame Panama Jack Sand Dollar Cotton 3-piece Quilt Set Blue Queen Heritage Lace Beachcomber Sand Dollar Pillow, 18 by 18 Pure Country Legend of the Sand Dollar Blanket Tapestry Throw Levtex Biscayne King Quilt & 3 Standard Pillow Shams Coastal Fish Sea C&F Home 842981720D Meridian Sand Dollar Pillow, Blue


Anchor Home Decor

anchor home decor You’re going to appreciate the beauty of this anchor home decor. Anchors are a great subject in any coastal or nautical theme you have in your home. They are masculine, yet will also work well in a room with feminine touches.

You will find anchor home decor here for just about every room in your home. Add a shower curtain in your bedroom, a wooden anchor plaque in your living room, an anchor figurine in your office or den, and so on.

Anchor home decor is a nice way to add a nautical touch to any design. Coastal living decor brings a touch of the sea into your home, and when we think of the sea, we often think of ships, and ship parts, such as anchors, are something that might come to mind.

 Benzara 91620 Wood Anchor with Rope Nautical Decor Blue anchor LED Battery Light,Ymhxcy [Chistmas][Birthday party] Kids Room, Living Room, Wedding Kate Aspen Anchors Away Rope Tealight Holder, Set of 4 MayRich 9 You be the anchor wall decor wood sign Plaid Unpainted Wood Craft Surfaces Shape, 40668 Anchor WCHUANG Anchor Bathroom Rug Decorative Bath Rugs – Non Slip non slip Coat Key Holder 4 Hook Rack, Rustic Cast Iron Anchor, Nautical Wall Adeco Wooden Boat Anchor with Crossbar, Steering Wheel, Wall Décor Home Décor Pit Bull Nautical Anchor Rope Towel Rack Blue Anchor Vintage Upcycled Dictionary Art Print 8×10 Amadora Anchor/Nautical Full Queen Duvet Cover Set Wall Decal Decor Nautical Anchor Wall Decal Quote – You Be The Imagitarium Resin Beach Pier with Anchor Aquatic Decor, Medium, Multi-Color 2-Pc Nautical Iron Bookend Set Antiqued Bronze Anchor Bookends Home Decor Sea Creature Giant Kraken Octopus With Ship Anchor Door Knocker Department 56 Coastal Mini Anchor Garden Accessory, 3 9 Ambesonne Anchor Duvet Cover Set Queen Size by, Watercolor Spring Blossoms and 4 Pieces Home Comforter Bedding Set, Nautical Anchor Rustic Wood Digital Printing Ambesonne Teal Duvet Cover Set Queen Size, Ship Anchor Chain Marine Life Selcet Blue Boat Anchor Pattern Cotton Linen Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion oFloral Home Decorative Nautical Anchor Rustic Wood Cotton Throw Pillow Case Cushion CaliTime Canvas Throw Pillow Cover Shell for Couch Sofa Home Decor, Ancient Red Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Cover Marine Life Series Blace Anchors Oil Grazing 12


Lovely Lighthouse Decor

This lovely lighthouse decor is stunning throughout your home. A figurine or wall decor at work will show your love of everything nautical, too. A lighthouse is the perfect example of something you will find on the coast. They are there to guide ships through the fog, and they are gorgeous! Lighthouses were built in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, and we think each and every one is special!

Here you will find all types of lighthouse decor. Lighthouses for your bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and any other spaces in your home. Lighthouse decor will add a distinguished look to any room in your home. Place a figurine on a bookcase, pretty wall decor over your sofa or bed, a shower curtain in your bathroom, and so on.

Lovely Lighthouse Decor Imagine waves crashing on the coast as the majestic lighthouse stands firm through it all. The people who work in there are dedicated to everyone’s safety and well being. What a life!

Below are some lighthouse decor options for your home or office. Bring some light into your home with this lovely lighthouse decor!

Lighthouse Decor for the Bathroom

Shower curtains, vanity items, bath towels & rugs, and more, all with a nautical theme, will bring pretty design into any bathroom in your home. Lighthouses add interest, color and beauty to your space. You spend a lot of time in your bathrooms, so make them appealing, welcoming and a happy place to be.

 Lighthouse of the Beach Large Doormat Neoprene Backing Non Slip Outdoor Indoor Morning-sunshine 72 X 72 Inch Nautical Shower Curtains Sea World Starfish Shell Lighthouse Decor Wall Clock Silent Non Ticking for Living Room Bathroom Kitchen Lighthouse If You Sprinkle When You Tinkle Wipe The Seat Bathroom 5 ABxinyoule Wooden Lighthouse Conch Fish Net Shower Curtain for Bathroom Nautical Decor Set of 12 Shower Curtain Decorative Hooks Rings Ocean Beach Design Lighthouse Lighthouse Toilet Brush Holder & Brush by OakRidgeTM MyGift Nautical Design Wall-Mounted Wood 3-Hook Coat Rack, Storage Organizer Lily’s Home Rustic Wood Country Lighthouse Wall Clock 13 Inch Leop Mediterranean Style Cute Lighthouse Decorative Bathroom Accessory Set Liquid Soap Lotion Coastal Nautical Icon 60 Inch Long Accent Rug with Skid-Resistant Backing, Blue, NYMB Sailor Spirit Decor, Nautical Lighthouse in Vintage Shower Curtain, Polyester Fabric Creative Bath Products At The Beach Lotion Pump Nautical Shower Curtain by Ambesonne, Marine Sail Boat Lifebuoy Starfish Lighthouse Sand Wastebasket, European Style Ocean Pattern PU Leather Trash Can Paper Basket Dustbin


Lighthouse Bedding & Bedroom Decor

Bring a touch of the sea into your bedroom with this lighthouse bedding and other lighthouse bedroom decor. It’s a fun way to add interest and design to your room, and it’s ideal for any gender. New bedding gives your bedroom an entirely new look and feel. Relax in a coastal themed bedroom with this pretty lighthouse bedding and other bedroom decor.

 Lighthouse In The Waves Of The Sea Wall Art Painting The Picture CaliTime Canvas Throw Pillow Cover Shell for Couch Sofa Home Decor, Vintage Watercolor Sea Seagulls Lighthouse Sheer Curtain for Living Room Bedroom,55 x 84 Unique Debora Custom Home Decorator New England Lighthouse Window Curtain Blackout Curtains Kreative Arts Large 5 Pieces Canvas Prints Wall Art Beautiful Landscape Lighthouse Casa Nautical 7 Piece Comforter Set, 7 PDK/Regency AR09893BBF Lighthouse Bay Comforter Set Full Bedding, Multi LOVO Exploring Coastline 100% Cotton 4pcs Bedding Set 1x Duvet Cover, 1x Blue Red Lighthouse Beach Nautical Twin Comforter Set (6pc Bed in a YOUR SMILE Sea Cotton Linen Square Decorative Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Unique Debora Custom Blanket Throw Super Soft Warm Fuzzy Lightweight Bed or Patino Designs Ambesonne United States Throw Pillow Cushion Cover, Cape Elizabeth Maine River Portland Lighthouse Perfect Design Nautical Bedding Set, %100 Cotton Quilt/Duvet Cover Set, Lighthouse Accrocn Square Throw Pillow Covers Vintage Aqua Antique Nautical Lighthouse Map Pillowcases Lavish Home 64 Sherpa Fleece Blanket, Lighthouse Print Throw Blankets – Lighthouse Inspirational Throw Blanket – Sofa Blanket – Footprints Collectors Gift Set of 4 Assorted Lighthouse Figurines 4 Inch Resin Home Santa’s Animated Lighthouse Village Figurine by The San Francisco Music Box Company Puzzled Home Indoor Ocean Blue Sailors Refuge Lighthouse Decor Figurine George S. Chen Imports Snow Globe Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Desk Figurine Decoration


Lovely Lighthouse Decor for Your Kitchen

Spruce up your kitchen and dining room with this lovely lighthouse decor. From dinnerware to other decor, you’ll enjoy entertaining guests and spending time with family in your nautical themed kitchen and dining room.

 Blue Sky Ceramic Beacon Teapot, 8.5 x 5 x 9 Tuscan Island Lighthouse Hand Painted Teapot 9-1/4 Wilton Armetale Sea Life Lighthouse Chip and Dip Server, 16-Inch-by-9-Inch Lighthouse Navigation Military Ocean Decorative Porcelain Dessert Plate 10 inch Dinner Home Lighthouse – Paper Towel Stand Home Kitchen Furniture Decor 3dRose Yaquina Lighthouse – Porcelain Plate, 8-inch (cp_21907_1) Kay Dee Designs R2353 Coastal Lighthouse Flour Sack Towel Kay Dee Designs R2350 Coastal Lighthouse Terry Towel Decorative Luxury Fingertip Towel Set – 6 Piece Christmas Gift Set – 3dRose Lighthouse in Lorain Looking Over Lake Erie Potholder, 8 x 8 Nautical Print Kitchen Set 5 Piece – 2 Potholders, 1 Oven Mitt Letool® 13 x 71 inch Mediterranean Lighthouse Cotton soft Tapestry Table Runner Nautical Home Décor Coastal Lighthouse Table Linens, Runner Lighthouse Reversible Washable Vinyl Foam Placemats Set of Four WOZO Head Lighthouse Sea Landscape Placemat Table Mat 12 5 x ‘Lighthouse’ Wooden Napkin Rings / Holders (NR00020091) Nautical Trio Napkin Ring Set of 6 Mugzie 16 Ounce Travel Mug / Drink Cup with Removable Insulated Wetsuit Coastal Beach Harbor Lighthouse Coffee Latte Mug Lighthouses of New England Coasters – Set of 4 Cape Shore 16 Ounce Stoneware Partial Glaze Pottery Mug (Lighthouse)


Lighthouse Wall Decor

Lighthouse wall decor can be used throughout your home to add lovely details, pops of color, and interesting topics. Lighthouses are the perfect choice for any coastal living decor, seaside decor, beach house interiors, etc. Wall decor completes the look of any space.

 10″ lighthouse anchor lighthouse wall decals St. Augustine, Florida Lighthouse (10×15 Wood Wall Sign, Wall Decor Ready to Set of 3 Lighthouse Art Prints Beach Country Coastal Décor- Three 6×18 wall26 – 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art – Marshall Point Lighthouse Photographed Canvas Wall Art Ocean Sunset Beach Painting 12 Fangeplus(TM) DIY Removable Black Lighthouse and Seagull Art Mural Vinyl Waterproof Wall Kreative Arts Large 5 Pieces Canvas Prints Wall Art Beautiful Landscape Lighthouse Newclew LIGHTHOUSE Birds Sea removable Vinyl Wall Decal Home Décor Large Decorative Nautical Wall Hook Black & White Lighthouse 6.375 Lighthouses – Antique Style Weathered Wall Hooks Set of 4 – Aqua, Lighthouse Stained Glass Night Light with Photocell


Rustic Coastal Decor

If you enjoy rustic design, then this rustic coastal decor will knock you off your feet! It’s perfect for any cabin, cottage, or home decor.

Rustic decor includes weathered decor, reclaimed woods, cast iron decorations, and more. Think old and vintage.

Coastal decor might include anything nautical such as boat parts, ships, sea life, etc. Anchors, oars, ship wheels, fish, lobsters, crabs, whales, starfish, seashells, and more, can all be included in coastal design.

Consider rugs, wall decor, figurines, bedding, kitchen decor, and more. Add a coastal touch to every room in your home, cottage or cabin. You can even add touches to your office!

Other ways to add nautical touches to any room, include wall, floor or table lamps. If you enjoy antiques, then rustic coastal decor is the perfect option for you.

Bring a touch of the sea into your home in a weathered way, and you’ll enjoy showing off your space to everyone who enters your home!

 KI Store Wall Clocks Decorative Silent Non Ticking Vintage Wall Clock Ocean Deco 79 38707 Wood Pelican Deco 79 Metal Galvanized Canister, 11 by 9 by 7-Inch, Set of KiaoTime Vintage Rustic Cast Iron Nautical Anchor Design Wall Hooks Coat Hooks Rustic Wood Plank Sea Horse Wall Art | Coastal Cottage Painted GALLERY SOLUTIONS 12×24 Greywash Distressed Wood 7 Opening Love Collage Frame Stonebriar Oval Nautical Mirror for Wall with Hanging Loop, Unique Home Décor Deco 79 Wood Candle Holder, 10 by 8 by 6-Inch, White, Set Sandberg Furniture Farmhouse Wall Mirror, Antique Turquoise, 36 Wooden Beach Word Sign with Trio of Loose Starfish – Tropical Beach Stonebriar 18 Inch Rustic Wooden Candle Hurricane Lantern, For Table Top, Mantle, Stonebriar Coastal Worn Blue Wooden Candle Lantern, Nautical Home Decor, For Table Stonebriar Worn White Wooden Beach House Candle Lantern, Use as Party Decorations Wooden Bathroom Towel Rack-3 Turtles 16 Stonebriar Cast Iron Octopus Decorative Wall Hook, Unique Ocean Design, Blue The Crosby Street Silver Handled Trays, Set of 2, Mango Wood with Distressed Metal Indoor/Outdoor Compass Rose Wall Hanging 28 Inch Metal Wall Sculptures Whale Tail Cast Iron Wall Hook 4 3/8 Inch (Set of 3) Kira Home Bayside 11


Oars are a nice way to add a rustic and nautical touch to your space. Consider these fine options below, and let oar decor show your sense of style!

 Blue and White Nautical Striped Wood Oar Wall Decor Set of 2 Rustic 30 Hampton Nautical Wooden Rustic Coronado Squared with Hooks Decorative Rowing Oar Hampton Nautical Wooden Rustic Seaside Squared Oar, 24 Hampton Nautical Wooden Rustic Seabrook Squared Rowing Oar with Hooks, 36 Oar Shower Curtain by Ambesonne, Three Traditional Wooden Canoe Paddles with Different Hampton Nautical Wooden Crawford Squared Rowing Oar with Hooks, 36 Deco 79 95228 Metal Oar Wall Hook, 26 The Stupell Home Decor Collection Vintage Oars 3-Piece Rectangle Wall Plaque Set Hampton Nautical Wooden Independence Squared Rowing Oar with Hooks, 36 Sadie & Scout Hampton – Oar Shaped Wooden Wall Décor Deco 79 87986 Wood Beach Oar Wall Decorative Sign, 35


Buoys add a vintage, weathered feel to any space. Use them as wall decor, lamps, and more. Just look at the lovely buoy selection below!

 54 Inch Foam Buoy Garland and 7 Buoys by Beachcombers Red Nautical Metal Buoy Hampton Nautical Wooden Vintage Dark Blue Cape Rock Lobster Trap Buoy, Hampton Nautical Wooden Vintage Decorative Maine Lobster Trap Buoy (Set of 2), Wooden Rustic Light Blue Chesapeake Bay Crab Trap Buoy 8 11”h Distressed Teal & Green Wooden Square Buoy Decor Stonebriar SB-5075B Medium Fisherman’s Buoy CoTa Global Resin Silver Wooden Buoy Home Accent – Nautical Decor – Deco 79 28751 Wood Buoy Table lamp 24 AHS Lighting L2137GR-UP1 Starfish Buoy Accent Lamp DEI Embossed Buoy Lamp with Rope SM Décor, Medium, Blue and White Wooden Nautical Buoy Lamp 24 Wooden Buoy Table Lamp in Red White Blue Coast Lamp Cottage/Navy Small Buoy Accent lamp Benzara Stylish White Wooden Buoy Table Lamp with Red and Blue Band